Week 16

Name Score   Name Sccore
Ray Clark 95.18  vs. Ray Cruz  126.06
Joe  99.00 vs Samir 125.84
Gabe 95.22  vs. Taylor   124.02
Nick 114.10 vs Dusty  132.40

Best Lineup of the Week (16)


Worst Lineup of the Week (16)

Ray Clark

Facepalm Move of the Week (16)

Anyone Who Banked on the Steelers


Which would be all of us. The Steelers players used were Martavis Bryant who scored 1.5 points, Steelers Defense which scored 2 points, Ben Roethlisberger who scored 5.8 points, and Antonio Brown who scored 9.6 points. Now you may not think 9.6 is all that bad for Antonio Brown, however considering he cost $9300, you really didn't get your bang for your buck. The reason all these players did so terrible is because it was clearly DeAngelo Williams time to shine! He locked in a total of 30.3 points.

I think we were all so sure the Steelers would stomp all over the Ravens, who at this point are a broken sad team. What a disappointment this game turned out to be.

For the record: 


Dusty - Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown


Nick -  Ben Roethlisberger, DeAngelo Williams


Ray Cruz - Antonio Brown


Ray Clark - Martavis Bryant


Samir - DeAngelo Williams, Antonio Brown


Joe - Antonio Brown


Gabe - Martavis Bryant, Antonio Brown


Taylor - Antonio Brown, Steelers Defense