Whutzzat Greeting Cards

Whutzzat Greeting Cards

Greetings to those who may have given up on sending greeting cards because of having made mistakes on them in the past, and gotten tired of the annoyance of having to throw them away.


We are offering a set of 12 greeting cards (4 different original photos as a set of 3 each), which are real 4 X 6 photo prints and have been hand fit into white framed sleeves that are a part of a fold over 6 X 8-inch white smooth surface, heavy stock card. 


We include 12 envelopes which are made to accommodate the cards for general purposes or mailing.


An assortment of photographic Greeting Cards along with envelopes in a custom storage container.
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The cards are presented in a custom-made corrugated box which has been set up with internal dividers to keep the cards and envelopes separate – and after opening the lid – very accessible (no more having to dump out the cards from a box to get an envelope).


We include a container of “Secret Sauce,“ and even give you the recipe for making up some more, in the event you run out.  This sauce can be used when a mistake is made, having used a traditional ball point pen to write up your message – or address the envelope.   After applying the sauce – the writer is given a fresh start to “get it write.”


In order for us to continue using the label of “Secret Sauce;” the secret must be kept.  We therefore ask those who are to receive this product, who may have the preexisting condition of not being able to keep a secret – not purchase the product.  This also applies for those who might want to use the self-absolving, prefacing of “Spoiler Alert“ to spill the secret.   A big part of our bringing this product to market – is the fun of providing a confidence to engage in what is now becoming a return of the highly valued practice of a handwritten note.


To begin we have selected with the help of a great jury – using our archive of photos on our web site www.whutzzat.com - the following photo collection:


     1. Snowmageddon

     2. Wake Up Call

     3. Monument Visitation (Oh So) Right

     4. Red Dawn


On the back side of the cards, we extend an invitation to the recipient who might want to know some of the background of the photo which is the face of the card – to visit our website for information.


The box of cards will be shipped using a double boxing system to keep them in good shape as they go through the mail. Here is where we offer a choice of the outer box; the first choice being a box which has been repurposed and offers a patina finish, the second choice is a new, standard, corrugated box.


Candor calls for us to let you know we were surprised to learn at the post office on a trial run – that the postage for a card in an envelope using regular first class postage calls for the use of two “forever” stamps.  We believe in the quality of the cards, matched with your message, will be very well received.


If any of your items arrive damaged please return them to us in the condition you received them and we will send a replacement. To return them to us, please go to a local Post Office and pack the items into a Priority Mail Envelope, then mail them Priority to the above address. Replacements which are sent via Priority Mail in a Priority Mail Envelope will have the shipping fee refunded to the payment method used when the item was purchased.


Our products are constantly evolving and improving based on customer feedback. We would ask that you please send us any recommendations or improvements you can think of, and we will take a serious look at them. Any feedback you provide will be kept completely confidential and will not be made public. 


PS: We cannot wait to hear the response to the cards both from the senders as well as possibly from the recipients. We have had a lot of fun along with some hard work in putting all of this together and are very pleased to make this offering.

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