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Whutzzat is a site dedicated to getting the picture.  We bring you photographs for your enjoyment taken by contributors who have fun, interesting, or even beautiful shots to share.  We will do our best to obtain background information on every picture, so that you can know something of what it is about.  Funny how a photograph is worth a thousand words, and yet just a few words of explanation can bring clarity to the thousand.  Yes, we are looking for comments. We will need to get some legs before we completely open it up, and are looking for your suggestions and help.


We will also be including some video.  With the video, we intend to bring you some interesting views and opinions as well as an occasional process that you may wish to put into place for yourself.  We are also putting together an online store to make certain getting the right stuff to you is accomplished.


Being someone that has a creative leaning, this era of the capacity to share information is beyond great.  In years gone by much of my time was spent in a near vacuum.  Call it inventors' paranoia, I had a big case of it and am looking forward to being far more open.


Many thanks for taking a moment with us, we look forward to many more.


Wishing you all the best!


Bruce Gamble - (CD) Creative Director & Principle




Every once in a while a random photo opportunity becomes available. We are going to pass these along to you when they happen. Hope you enjoy it.  

Wishing you all the best,




08/08/23: We have an Photo you may have missed. Head on over to Summer Expression to check it out. We here at Whutzzat appreciate all of you viewers and your continued support!

08/02/23: It's that time again! Head over to Summer Photo's and take a look at one of our newer photo's, Devastation, on a Revolving Display.

07/24/23: Hey Everyone! Check out our new photo this week, A Rainy Night Brings Color to an Asphalt Canvas, and let us know what you think.

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