A Rainy Night Brings Color to an Asphalt Canvas


This photo was taken on April 8, 2015 at 3:13 AM.

The location was on Rockville Pike in Rockville, Maryland.

The "Take It!" came from having looked at this great reflection of colors provided by rain, on this same stretch of road many times in the past.  This time the road was almost empty of other vehicles which gave me a chance to preclude  some dominance from either tail lights on the right or headlights on the left.  What is shown is all a complementary inclusion of lights from either side or above the asphalt street which served as a wet canvas courtesy of the rain.

The After Take: Everyone that I showed this photo too liked it for its simplicity of subject but also its complexity of content.  The falling rain gave a sort of misting to the air which had an effect upon the picture to make it take on an appearance of having been painted.  

Rain brings magic in the right amount and havoc with too much.  Each time the rain falls, I look for the magic that is revealed by the time of day I am out in it and am ever mindful of the hazards that this change in condition can bring. "Safe than Sorry" has become the slogan of choice as I move about in this ever so needed ( in the right amount ) condition.

Let me encourage you to take another look at the street when it is raining and enjoy the splashes of color that both fixed and changing lights will bring to you.

Please play it safe, we want you to be the one that opens that gift that we get with each new day.

All my best to you, and yours.


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Comments: 6
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    Teri (Monday, 07 August 2023 01:02)

    I love this photo. I remember using it as my desktop background for awhile.

  • #2

    Gabe (Monday, 07 August 2023 01:02)

    Rem inds me of one of those splatter paintings people do of a rainy street

  • #3

    Jim (Monday, 07 August 2023 01:03)

    I miss those gas prices!

  • #4

    Sally (Monday, 07 August 2023 01:04)

    Natures canvas, this is such a beautiful picture!!

  • #5

    SF1967 (Monday, 07 August 2023 01:05)

    $2.36 at the gas pump. I probably complained about those gas prices at the time, but now I would love to pay under three dollars for gas.

  • #6

    GpaJake (Monday, 07 August 2023 01:07)

    I'm always too busy making sure I don't fall when it rains but I think I might need to stop and take it all in the next time we have a good rain.