Triple Play

This photo was taken on August 31, 2013 at 6:59  AM
The location was in a corridor in a fine hotel in Washington DC.
The "Take It!" came from my taking pause to really look at a setting that I had seen many times before.  It was early enough that there were no other people in this usually busy corridor.  What I saw was the effect of the overhead lights upon the setting.  First was the light upon the ceiling thus illuminating the stretch of hallway as was the intent.  Next came the circular patterns formed by shadows in the carpet below from the lights.  Last but not least were the reflections from the lights in the marble approaching the carpeted area which in a way formed a welcome to this friendly setting.
The After Take: To those I showed this to, the reaction seemed to be a calm that came from this unexpected stretch of muted but effective lighting found in such an unexpected place.   It was one of those short lingers, but definitely a cool find.
Here is hoping you too happen upon an atmosphere that has just the right feeling about it.
Wishing you a great day,

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Comments: 8
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    Sally (Thursday, 12 September 2013 14:52)

    Great shot! Very effective lighting

  • #2

    Jim (Thursday, 12 September 2013 14:53)

    Great looking hotel. I'd definitely fork over the cash to stay there.

  • #3

    Teri (Friday, 13 September 2013 01:31)

    I just keep thinking Tom Cruise is gonna slide out like he did in Risky Business.

  • #4

    Sarah (Friday, 13 September 2013 01:32)

    Cool shot. So clean you could eat off it.

  • #5

    Livin4love (Friday, 13 September 2013 01:32)

    I bet the reflection adds a bit more light to the actual hallway.

  • #6

    Sf1967 (Friday, 13 September 2013 01:33)

    Its floors like these that required me to yell NO RUNNING to my kids when they were younger.

  • #7

    Mike (Friday, 13 September 2013 01:34)

    A friend of mine that frequents this site, recommended it to me. Browsed through about half the summer shots and read a few of them. Cool website. I will have to go back and check some more of these out as time permits.

  • #8

    Gabe (Friday, 13 September 2013 01:35)

    The floors in the hotels I can afford do not look like that ha ha