Winter Photography


Each season has its special way about it and Winter is a huge player. Oddly enough the big feature of the fall (those leaves doing their color and fall show) opens up vistas that have been shielded by foliage all summer and fall. Many many more vistas are available with only the naked branches being a sort of filter, which can lend its own charm.


We will be featuring photos from both indoors and outside as there are many ways enjoyment is brought inside when it is freezing cold outside.

This is our ninth year as a site and we look forward to sharing its bounty with you. 

This is a season where there are many opportunities to give thanks, and this we do, for each day. I like to think of each day as our having been given a clean blank canvas; it is what we do with the day that becomes the painting.


Thank you for joining us.

Bruce Gamble - Creative Director and Principal.

Taylor Clark - Consultant Everything.