Small Sample of Progress


These photographs were taken on January 13, 2023 at 4:27PM.


The location was at an intersection with a major road in Gaithersburg, Maryland (a suburb of Washington DC).


The "Take It!" came as I pulled up behind a bus to wait for the light to change for our lane to be able to proceed onto the major thoroughfare and be on our way.


This is one of those times when it happens to be a chance for the mind to go numb - and hope there is something on the radio which will help fill in the blank until the light changes and necessary mental engagement will be put into play to move forward.


This was one of the above times - which had me somehow able to break out of the pause fog - and see the small stop lights on the back of the bus - which were lit up and giving me a demonstration of just how far the application of led lighting had come. To see it in this location was really cool in my view. What made it really stand out was how crisp and well defined the edges were getting on all parts of the display. The saying "Tight and Right" came to mind.


While the application of Led lighting is now moving forward with increasing momentum - It is important to note - it uses a lot less energy than required in past systems ( which are being phased out ). Constant care must be used - as like so many things - there are very wrong ways this new bright light can be used. I trust we will be vigilant.


Wishing everyone an occasional chance to - stop - and enjoy doing so,



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