Double Whammy



This set of photos was taken on February 2, 2016 at 4:10 PM.

The location was in front of a boutique hotel in the Embassy District.

The "Take It!" came from, exiting from the drive in front of the hotel into the busy street, on my way to the next destination in my route. I looked into the street, checking primarily for oncoming cars, but happened through some downward peripheral vision, to notice these potholes. Even though I was sitting still, I immediately made an adjustment via the steering wheel to line up the front tires to avoid what looked like the chance for a bone jarring experience.

The traffic had an opening, and I did my zoom thing into the lanes opposite the hotel, and quickly arrived at the next location. After pulling in at the destination property and parking. I locked the car and took out the camera and walked back to the site of these pot holes. The sun was not in the best of positions, but fair enough. I took several shots from the street as close up's then moved back to grab a context shot. (I am going to try to be more conscious to do this in the future as I think we can get better foundation reads on what is going on).

The After Take: provided lots of fun as I showed the photos to several folks who I am grateful to, for their willingness to give me candid takes, on not only my photos, but also my verbal accompaniments to the shots. They, to the last one of them, enjoyed the randomness of it all. Everyone had a laugh and some sort of experience to relate about the subject. It was such a hoot.


The stories we tell and how, and when we tell them, is such an important part of our lives. Some become highly talented in their delivery of stories, and most do not need photos as a part of the presentations, as their colorful descriptions, paint picture almost as vivid as a photo print. Come to think of it - some are even better than a photo standing on its own (as it may struggle to be worthy of the "thousand words" label).

Thanks for all of your help through these years with your comments enabling us to grow and strengthen our wings.


Life is very good.


Thanks again,



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