Trees that Tease (but also - Please)


These photos were taken on December 23, 2020 at 9:38 AM


The location was at a new construction site which had been created by covering an open section of under pass on Capital Hill in Washington DC.


The "Take It!"  came as I made a slow drive around this newly created section of space which had turned an unused not so great part of town into a full development with high rise offices being built along with residential properties as well. I believe that the height restrictions on buildings in the city helped to make this entire development possible due to there being less weight having to be accommodated with the structures than found in taller buildings.


It was such a pleasant surprise to turn a corner in this development and find the forest on the fence.  Such a change from the fencing that now in place in other areas of the city to separate protesters from buildings and the temptation to express their anger by doing damage to them.


The photography and its reproduction on these stretches of fence covering was so good - that it would be easy to have a sense of tranquility as the take away from spending time with them.


I will make visits to this developing area to watch it evolve into this ever changing city.


Best wishes to everyone,




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  • #1

    SF1967 (Tuesday, 16 March 2021 13:05)

    What a neat idea!

  • #2

    Jim (Tuesday, 16 March 2021)

    I wish they’d do that here. Instead we get a chain link fence and barbed wire.

  • #3

    Sally (Tuesday, 16 March 2021 13:06)

    Wow that is beautiful!

  • #4

    xXRodriguezXx (Tuesday, 16 March 2021 13:07)

    I wonder what those little holes in the things are? Anyone know?

  • #5

    GpaJake (Tuesday, 16 March 2021 13:10)

    Who needs to have a picnic in the park when you have a wall of artificial forest in the neighborhood haha. Just throw down a towel in front of it.