Peg Leg Support


This photo was taken on February 7, 2023 at 11:37 AM.


The location was in a public bathroom in a very nice hotel in Downtown Washington DC.


The "Take It!" came after having used this restroom occasionally ( on a need basis during the running of my route ) . Needless to say - when using this or other similar facilities - my focus is not on decor - but taking care of a bodily function as soon as possible.


In this facility - the toilet is a wall mounted unit ( easier to clean under and around than a floor mounted model ) What I had never noticed before was the peg leg like support under the main part of the toilet - to provide a safety feature to help prevent a possible breaking off of the wall of the unit - should a very overweight individual use it - and exceed any load limit placed upon the installation. ( there was not a posting of such a limit - that I could find ).


This photo I shared with some of the volunteer review committee which gratefully gives me feedback on my photos. I have to confess - before revealing the photo - I asked the viewer if they were familiar with the images of bygone days when pirates wore peg legs, arm hooks - etc. After getting an affirmative answer on being acquainted with the accessory ( and thus the image in their mind ) I then said I had found a new use - for the peg - and presented the image in my camera to view. All - after overcoming the initial shock of relating to what they were looking at - rolled into various levels of laughter and all potty humor became fair game. Everyone wanted to know where the photo was taken! To all but a very few - I told them - that the location was going to remain unknown - just that I could not make this sort of thing up - lol.


Wishing everyone laughter - and the suggestion to look for - safety - when nature calls,



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Comments: 7
  • #1

    Jim (Tuesday, 28 February 2023 12:29)

    It really is a peg leg lol. This is too good.

  • #2

    Sally (Tuesday, 28 February 2023 12:30)

    I don't know that I could bring myself to use this toilet.

  • #3

    SF1967 (Tuesday, 28 February 2023 12:45)

    Does it make an "Arrrgh" sound when you flush?

  • #4

    GpaJake (Tuesday, 28 February 2023 12:46)

    Here's hoping that leg never gives out, it's there for a reason I'd imagine.

  • #5

    Teri (Tuesday, 28 February 2023 12:50)

    There's the laugh I needed today.

  • #6

    MHampy (Tuesday, 28 February 2023 12:51)

    We got a kick out of this one at lunch.

  • #7

    Bruce (Wednesday, 01 March 2023 06:07)

    Thank you for all of your fun and interesting comments. I am very glad the picture promoted laughter for that was its objective. The take away from this has been - to think of reincarnation and how I had best hurry up and do my best to be a good person - lol
    Wishing everyone my very best. Bruce