Fast Fire



These photos were taken on February 26 at 2:47 PM.


The location was on a Beltway on the south side of Washington DC.


The "Take It!" came as I was doing about 80 mph in an EZ pass set of lanes on my way to my son's house to take him a Yellow*, DeWalt Mitre Saw. It was one that I had used for about 15 years in my basement shop, and while not new - was in good shape. The drop off was to include not only the complete saw, but an additional stainless steel blade, which I had been told of and actually touched a cut made by it. Tactility is a whole different universe.

While all of this may sound a bit odd, I can only assure you that the cut touch, brought about an incredible amount of action on my part that reached a number of people. More on that in another story.

Back to the above photos. I had finished shopping at Tiffany's in Tyson's Corner for a silver baby spoon, and jumped onto the beltway at this horrific time of day with commuter traffic, to get to my son's house. I had been on this stretch of road many times in the poor folks lanes, and looked over at the toll lanes with envy as I watched all those expensive cars whiz by me. (Mr Prius, here 2015 V model) But, after a Benjamin drop at Tiff's place, I got a little pumped up and decided to splurge and go big time. I just lost it I guess, because in no time flat, I was out there whuppin' the tail of my little BO&GC (battery operated and gas car) and doing 80 and 90 miles per hour right quick. Jags, Porsches, Lincoln's, and Big Semi's got to see my tail. My God (maybe your's too) it was a Mitty 38 minutes. and nary a police car to be seen. At 90 this car has a very cool engine sound. Needless to say, I was mentally knee slappin' while listening to XM radio that was stuck on repeat (loop?) of some California Song that had me remembering my days on the PCH blowing by Newport Beach where I lived for a while. (There I did it at about the same mph in a top down raked red Beetle convertible - I had lots of hair then)

The After Take: Was great; I showed the photo to a few folks after I dropped off the saw and went to my next stop.

It was a mind bending day. Bars with money and noise and insane good times going on inside, just like looking at TV if you were a passer by on the sidewalk looking in the front windows of the establishments. One of the stops (second visit) was at a Tesla Store, where they are really nice to me. I have that look that a 75 year old has and they are right kind. The clothes they wear are not the same as mine, and all of that, but when eye contact is made - something happens. In the old days, it was called "wave length" and we get to talking and everything drops away. So what if a fire red Tesla is sitting right there with every bit of gleam from paint, chrome, glass, and attitude is screaming at us as we talk. I ask to speak to Elon, they say he is not there. but give me a twitter handle for me to try. My driver calls me on my Apple 6s or whatever it is, and I ask him to kick a tweet to Elon for I have some ideas I want to give and some I want to sell to this man that will make him even richer than he is. It is closing time at the Car store and we all are about to leave when I am introduced to another millennial with the name "Hunter" short trim beard, tight clothes, you know the look, and he looks at me, waiting for me (Old Man) to give my name, I give it : "Gatherer" again - it is that eye thing. He just says something like "Cool" The whole thing was an out of my world of experience. We walk out, of the store, with all the lights out, and the only thing to be seen, are the led lights that are under the headlights in the front of the car. I try not to look around to see if there are cameras fixed on us like a TV ad was being made. Surreal to say the least. We all congenially split up to go our separate ways. I to a valet parking a few doors down from the Car Store, and its young Ethiopian man with dark eyes and a cool beard in a hoodie, that greets me - with the question: Well, did you buy one? He has his hoodie up as it is a perfectly ugly night. I say to him, I am not going to buy one, I want them to give me one. He looks at me as we both stand in the rain with our hoodies up (me with a black baseball cap underneath the wet hoodie) I had met him for the first time about an hour prior when I left off the car, and it was as if we were friends. I further told him, when I got one, I would take him for a ride in it, and would ask him to drive. He liked that. Again, great stuff. It is no wonder I want to have a conversation with Elon Musk. I have some items that will serve as sock removers, without his having to take off his shoes. Again, what fun.

Well, many thanks for listening to me.

It is off to see some other stuff here in my cozy house.

Wishing you all the best,


PS: I hope you were able to zoom in on the pictures as I was taking the photos from the other side of the road, lens on the window sill for steadiness and clicking at about 70mph - all cool.

*What do you mean, yellow, everyone knows that brand is yellow" (well maybe not -lol)

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Comments: 9
  • #1

    Sf1967 (Tuesday, 01 March 2016 16:01)

    Someone is having a pretty bad day, poor guy....

  • #2

    Mike (Friday, 04 March 2016 19:51)

    I took your advice and zoomed in on the car on fire.... Phew talk about a hot seat!

  • #3

    Jim (Friday, 04 March 2016 19:52)

    Cool picture, but what really cracked me up was the Hunter Gatherer remark. Classic ha!!

  • #4

    Sally (Friday, 04 March 2016 19:59)

    This was a very fun read, sounds like it was an action packed day. I had to withhold this one from our kids though, with our oldest child a few weeks away from taking his drivers learners permit test, I didn't want to condone driving 70, 80, or 90 miles per hour. Be careful out there, we really enjoy reading your new stuff and don't want it to end.

  • #5

    thatoneguy (Friday, 04 March 2016 20:01)

    oh do you have a whutzzat twitter handle id like to follow you if you do let me know your name and i will add you

  • #6

    Gabe (Friday, 04 March 2016)

    I thought a tree was on fire at first but then I took a close look. I feel sorry for that person, I dunno what Id do if that happened to me.

  • #7

    Treehugger (Friday, 04 March 2016 20:05)

    Wouldn't that have been awesome if Elon had actually been there in the shop!?!? It was a shot in the dark but worth it to ask in my opinion. That man is such an interesting person and as a devout environmentalist I really respect what he has done with Solar City. We have been wanting to get solar panels on our house for some time now.

  • #8

    Livin4love (Friday, 04 March 2016 20:08)

    That picture came out crystal clear for being snapped while moving that fast.

  • #9

    GeorgieProf (Friday, 04 March 2016 20:11)

    Good evening Mr. Bruce. Would you mind sharing what kind of camera you use take these pictures? It came up at our lunch discussion today. Apologies if has been stated somewhere on the site.