One Dark Cloud is not the Entire Sky

This photo was taken on February 25, 2014 at 6:14 PM
The location was in the parking lot of Costco in Gaithersburg Maryland
The "Take It!" was immediately recognized when I got out of my car and began my way to the entrance to this Mother Ship of an emporium.  The focus of the drive to get there having been taken care of, it was time to see what was new.  This little black cloud was it. This was not just a dark gray cloud left over from the stormy day we had just finished - this one was pitch black.  To me a very rare spectacle to say the least.  The cloud made a wonderful contrast to the few other lighter clouds that were in the sky along with lots of that great blue that comes when a storm has cleared the junk out of the atmosphere.  I stopped in my tracks to make my attempt to capture this little fine show of nature to hopefully share with others.  There is thankfully but an instant from taking a photo to being able to view it on the same screen used to focus in on the best setting for the capture.  The relief in seeing this come through as having been stored is part of the fun.  This first photo is many times the only photo one can get.  There are other times when it is just the beginning for a run of picture taking.  When I am lucky enough to be able to have the luxury of such a run,  my intent is a mix of seeking the very best shot from all the ways I try in the quest for the subject to be revealed in its best way.  I am still learning about all of this, and it is a pleasure.
The After Take: People are quite surprised at this picture.  Its simplicity is immediately available and the blackness of the cloud after being pointed out - a shared wonder with me, the photographer.  Most want to know where I took the photo.  I have come to think that they sometimes are engaging in the practice of what I often do, that being to be able to picture the setting from which the subject was discovered and the image taken.  Whether they envision themselves being there and being with me at the time of the taking of the picture, I have never asked.  I am still thinking of how to frame the question.
Now, back to the label for this photo.  There is way more blue in this - so here is a complement to the strength of the background providing jump surface for the subject featured.
Here is hoping wherever you are - that you are having a great day.
PS:  I have had a chance to show this photo to numerous additional people,  and all were like me, in never having seen such a completely  black cloud before.  One lady even told me that she had been personal witness to tornado clouds in Kansas and they were not that dark.  So, it looks like we just might have gotten lucky in having seen and shared a rare event. 

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Comments: 6
  • #1

    thatoneguy (Monday, 10 March 2014 19:26)

    What really makes it stand out is that intense blue behind it. That cloud seems so out of place rofl.

  • #2

    Sarah (Monday, 10 March 2014 19:27)

    It looks lonely.

  • #3

    Jeff (Monday, 10 March 2014 19:28)

    It is such a dark cloud wow. You are right about the contrast.

  • #4

    Gabe (Monday, 10 March 2014 19:29)

    Whats going on here? It ditched its rain filled friends and went solo I guess.

  • #5

    Jim (Tuesday, 11 March 2014 21:28)

    I lol'd Gabe, that was funny. Great shot Sir, has got to be a rare catch!

  • #6

    Sally (Tuesday, 11 March 2014 21:29)

    It doesn;t look very large. Im suprised it didnt attach to another cloud