Waiting for Midnight

The "Take It" came when making my exit from a hotel, through a side door that I sometimes use, I happened upon this tube shaped cage for helium filled balloons. Since the date was December 31st, and a New Year's Eve party was scheduled in the ballroom next to this staging area, the prop, was self explanatory. It was a catch that made me smile.


The After Take: Now that I am sitting here, and giving a bit of thought to it, perhaps the balloons were not filled with helium. After all, this part of the party is called the " Balloon Drop " and if they were unleashed at that magic moment of midnight and were filled with that lifting gas - they would not drop - lol - they would escape the cage to go out and cling to the ceiling.


It is time for me to take advantage of that tradition on New Years Day afternoon, called " The Nap " which if I am lucky will find me in a comfortable enough position on the couch so that when I wake up - I do not have to carefully move a part of my body that has been asleep, scrunched, due to not having been in bed (which is all forgiving of any position one takes as they sleep).


Here is wishing each of you a very happy and healthy New Year,



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    Jim (Monday, 11 January 2016 16:45)

    The company I work for had a New Years party and had something very similar to this!

  • #2

    Sally (Monday, 11 January 2016 16:45)

    That is very pretty...

  • #3

    Sf1967 (Monday, 11 January 2016 16:46)

    Heh, I have a similar tradition except mine is every day, haha.

  • #4

    Gabe (Monday, 11 January 2016 16:47)

    I like the silhouettes holding pistols, very ironic for a 2016 party.