Handwriting on the Wall

This photo was taken in early February 2012 in Alexandria, Virginia 


The location was in the lobby entrance of an office building. 


The "Take It!" was a walk by, with a stop for a second look. It appears as if there is a shadow of a chain link fence on the back wall. I knew there was not such a fence present, so I stepped forward to take a look. The image was a reflection rather than a shadow. It came from the floor which was highly polished to a mirror like finish. The floor did a respectable job of reflecting the planter for the greens. There are lots of color contrasts and angles brought into play in this ever so random shot. 


The After Take: This has been called "eye candy" not for any complexity, but for its simplicity. Everything seems to have a harmony, everyone knows its role when the sun is just right; they all are in their places to show their best for anyone that will just take a look. Several have mentioned how the reflection on the wall almost looks like it has some wiggle shimmer like that found from the surface reflected from a swimming pool. Another great take from my great set of review folks. Many thanks to them. 


Thanks to you for spending time with me and this easy going shot. 



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