The Shadow Snake


Due to a technical difficulty on our end we are rerunning this photo. It may not have reached you in the past so let us know if you have seen it before.

These photos were taken on December 27 at 10:13 AM

The location was in front of a very nice moderately priced hotel in Tyson's Corner, Virginia.

The "Take It!" was an almost audible command. the image was so strongly cast and the overlay on the branch so near perfect that I almost had no choice but to pull out the camera and try for the photographic capture.  

I have shown this photo to several people and all agree - the similarity to a snake is uncanny.  

The After Take: I am finding myself ever more drawn to the search for shadows.  I think that it has something to do with the time of year.  With  the leaves no longer on most of the trees - we have a lot more sunlight making its way through the branches on trees and just seeming to be more brightly cast when it is a clear day.  So often we acquaint shadows with early evening or at night - and relegate our search for them until the sun is setting, when in fact some of the very best of shadows can be found at sunrise and all through the day.  This later factor is true, regardless of what the time of year may be.

The initial photo is of the featured object - with the second photo showing the origin of the shadow.  I must again - say how in awe I am of the offering nature gave me to take this set of shots.

The offerings of nature are many. It is up to us to respond whenever we can with kindness to help it flourish.

All my best


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    Gabe (Thursday, 12 February 2015 17:20)

    I do remember seeing this, and I also remember I typed up a comment but apparently never pressed send.

    Now as much as I stare at these pictures I cannot remember what I had typed.

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    Jeff (Thursday, 12 February 2015 17:24)

    My wife had a good idea. We were looking at some pictures on the website a few days ago and she pointed out how you always include the location of each photo. She then showed me a book she bought years ago that had photographs by various artists and a map, pin pointing their location. We wondered if something like that could work for this website.