Summer Photo's

Summer is simply the best for many of us. The chance to be outside for almost all of the day and night due to warm temperatures is almost magical. The chance to be out there in all that is happening in this warmth is the key to visits to all sorts of wonderful destinations. I find myself being attracted to the water; no matter if it is the ocean, a lake, river, or a pool. Not only does the water offer a cool off, it has that reflective quality that bounces off many forms. The smooth almost mirror that is found usually in the early morning before all the action is happening can be bookended in the evening when the sun is still up and the summer fun has moved to another type of enjoyment. 


I must also give an almost equal tribute to the mountains. The vistas are mind expanding when one drinks them in to that memory pool. The other splendor of the mountains is at night.  Not only does it usually cool off but with the being away from city lights and up higher, one can often times really see the stars. The chance to see a shooting star is so much better when enjoying this vantage point.


The offerings to gather photographs are countless. We hope to bring you the unusual and interesting along with some beauty in this bountiful season. 


Here is hoping you fill you summer with photos of your own which hold the promise to bring back memories with sharp focus in the years to come.