Hint of Glint

This photo was taken on July 1, 2013 at 8:36 AM.
The location was on Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown Washington DC.
The "Take It!" was almost lost as was dealing with a break in the clouds that allowed a blast of sunlight to make its way through to touch the several symmetric angles of roof line pitches.  In this photo these surfaces are merely lit up rather than brightly reflective as they were when they first caught my eye.  By the time I could get my camera turned on and ready for the shoot - the clouds had shifted just a little bit and the brightness was lost.  
Even with the photo being a little bit less than I had originally hoped for - I like it none the less for its composition.  The massiveness of the buildings having been softened by the clouds and finally the tree that opposes them makes for an easy mix to look at.
The After Take: This is one of those photos that grew on me, the more I viewed it.  It moved from the delete category through time into a high like status.  I have lots of time - so perhaps it will ascend even further - lol.
Here his hoping you occasion on some similar breaks in the clouds of a gray day that make the unaccustomed sparkle.
Wishing you a fine day,

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