Spring Photography

Spring is without question one of the most enjoyable of the seasons. 


The bursting out of flowers and budding of trees is without seasonal rival. Even the ground with grass and other types of ground cover gets into the act.


It has been said many ways that Spring is the time of renewal, and we are most fortunate in this area to have many displays of spring brought to us by the gardeners of the National Parks as well as many other private endeavors.


I must say we did not have a very severe winter at all.  Just a few token snows that did not stay on the ground for very long at all. I do not know what effect this is having and will have on all manner of plant life. I must say, while I know this warming of the planet has dire consequences, I have a guilty bit of glad for how easy it was to get around this winter with the absense of snow and ice.  


We will do our very best to bring lots of nature and fun photos in this very special season.  It seems we have more photos than we have length of season to share them.  Ah well, better to have this too many challenge than too few.  


Here is hoping you are feeling a sense of renewal that is ever so available in Spring. I am finding that everyone seems to be ready to talk about a nice day, and when shown photos of flowers and nature as samples, seem to not be able to get enough.


Again, you  have our pledge to be on our best watch for the unusual along with the beautiful.