Shade Shadows

This photo was taken at 8am in mid April 2012

The location was in my bedroom in my home in Bethesda Maryland

The "Take It!" came from looking for  a way to have some fun with the final answer to a long running problem which I  had finally been able to arrive at. The picture on the wall is a pen and ink made for me many  years ago by my niece. It has always had a place of prominence in the bedroom in the few locations in which I have lived since she gave it to me, those many years ago. The subject of the picture is a very small beach just south of Newport Beach  in California which I had enjoyed for many picnics years ago. The situation is that many times when making my bed which is in the foreground, I would make the smoothing of the bed, then straighten up and brush the picture putting it out of square with the wall and giving off that "this just does not look right" effect.  I then would straighten it, using my sense of proportion which was all messed up due to being so close to the wall. I would then go to the other side of the bed, see that it still was not straight and do it all over again. After doing this inane game for many years, I decided to take care of it, once and for all. I went to the basement and retrieved my level which was on the work bench. I brought the level back upstairs and put it right to work giving me that long awaited bubble in the middle application to the picture. Amazing how far into one side that bubble was at the start of the game.
The After Take: History having told me this was going to happen again, I looked for a way to keep the level readily accessible in the bedroom and found the best way was to put up a nail in the end of the book case next to the windows. It certainly has that "and what is that doing here" look to it, but you know the story, and I am certainly not going to the basement every time the picture gets out of whack.
Now for the what I think is cool about the photo presented here. Those trees in the front yard cast their shadows on my shade at this time of the morning which give a very pleasant look to them. The shadows shift with the sun so they are never quite the same for a long period of time. They also change with the seasons with the advent of leaves as well as their loss in the fall. There is the additional dynamic of the shadows from the leaded glass windows I have put behind the shades which give character to the room.  

One last little detail is the fun of completely by accident getting a bit of reflection of myself in the glass and shiny frame on the original picture.
I will occasionally share some photos of stuff in my funky house, which I hope you will enjoy.
Thanks for sharing this recording of a solution with me.

Thanks for joining us for the current photo presentation. You are cordially invited to return Tuesday, May 8th for a new picture that we hope you will enjoy.

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