Ampersand Becomes A Baby Stroller


This set of photos was taken on December 30, 2016 at 8:00 AM.

The location was in a very nice upscale hotel in the Dupont Circle Section of Washington DC.

The "Take It!" came as I took a few moments to take up this piece that was on display to examine its construct.  Upon putting it down, I wondered what it would look like if I set it up on end.  The result was immediately recognizable as an ever so different image than the original intent.  

The After Take: I took this right away to one of the room clerks that has been a long time consultant to me on many of my ideas for products and been a valuable voice.  She saw the likeness right away and issued a kind complement on my imagination.

Here is hoping you can see the likeness.

Wishing you each my best,


PS:  Someday I would like to produce a likeness to this piece but would make it from one solid piece of wood rather than the glued up arrangement from which this was crafted.  No criticism of the way it was done, only complements, I would just like to do it differently.  

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  • #1

    Sally (Tuesday, 18 April 2017 23:20)

    I never noticed that, it really does look like a baby stroller. lol

  • #2

    Jim (Tuesday, 18 April 2017 23:22)

    One of my kids was asking me how to turn the "and" sign sideways before I saw this photo. I was wondering what the heck she was attempting to ask me. Now it makes sense.

  • #3

    SF1967 (Tuesday, 18 April 2017 23:23)

    My uncle, years and years ago, used to say it looked like a bicycle when turned on its side. I can see both!

  • #4

    Teri (Tuesday, 18 April 2017 23:24)

    Oh that is too funny!

  • #5

    xXRodriguezXx (Tuesday, 18 April 2017 23:25)

    Did the clerk get a kick out of your discovery?

  • #6

    MHampy (Tuesday, 18 April 2017 23:26)

    Is it multiple pieces of wood? I can't see any lines in it, I thought it was one solid piece of wood when I first looked at it.