Cloud Mouse


This photo is the last of a series taken on Tuesday April 19, 2022 at 3:29 AM.


The location was at my home in Beltsville, MD.


The "Take it!" came as I stepped out of my car after arriving at home having completed my route work for the day.


While being fairly well worn out at the end of the work day as it involves about an hour of being in stop and go traffic which I find to be a challenge - I had been tracking some cloud formations. The one that presented itself when I got home was a joy* to watch as it moved and changed its shape.


The last photo in the series was this one, and was in a category that I sometimes place into a space to let it mellow for a while so that I can look at it with the benefit of hindsight as well as a sort of fresh eye as some time has passed and I am not fully caught up in the intensity of the first sighting. One might call it "Mental Crock Pot Thinking" lol.


With this photo, what emerged in the midst of the many curves of the clouds was the vague form of a mouse in the opening of the cloud above the off center top of the largest tree.


I cannot wait to hear responses to learn if others can see this form, as well as any others that I may have missed.


Wishing everyone my very best,



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Comments: 6
  • #1

    SF1967 (Tuesday, 07 June 2022 14:26)

    I'm not seeing this one.

  • #2

    Sally (Tuesday, 07 June 2022 14:28)

    My daughter sees a dog, a rocket, a snake, a clown, and a hawk, among other things. I'm sitting here struggling to see any of what she sees.

  • #3

    Jim (Tuesday, 07 June 2022 14:30)

    If the shape is in the area between the clouds would we call it a Cloud Mouse Negative? lol

  • #4

    Teri (Tuesday, 07 June 2022 14:30)

    You got me on this one. I'll have to show it to a few students.

  • #5

    MHampy (Tuesday, 07 June 2022 14:32)

    Teri and I stared at this one for almost our entire lunch. I beat her to the punch ha ha. I tried showing her the shape, which I think could also be a Turkey, but she just could not pick it up.

  • #6

    Bruce (Tuesday, 07 June 2022 19:23)

    Thank you to everyone for your investment in time to find the elusive mouse in the photo. I had no idea so many alternatives could be found.

    I will do my best to look for easier shapes in the future.

    Wishing everyone my very best