Two Folds from the Drawer


This photo was taken on April  21st, 2019 at 7:20 AM.

The location was in the City Center section of Washington DC.

The "Take It!"  came only after walking past this small piece of black paper which had the unusual shape to it several times.  My hesitation came in knowing it was not being able to identify what it was that it resembled.  Then one day it hit me - that I was looking at a black T shirt which was just about finished being folded from having gone through the wash.  

It was such a hoot having this revelation - and I could hardly wait to get back to the item and get the photo.  My low grade worry was that it would no longer be there when I got back to take the picture.  I was glad to find it remained in its location and had taken on the patina of another few days out in the elements.

I hope you are enjoying this up from the street phase as much as I am.  I promise to resume getting more upward subjects very soon.

Best regards to all,


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Comments: 6
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    Sally (Monday, 17 June 2019 17:49)

    If only our children could fold clothes this well.

  • #2

    Jim (Monday, 17 June 2019 17:51)

    Looks like the fold they do in outlet stores, which I could never pull off.

  • #3

    SF1967 (Monday, 17 June 2019 17:56)

    Ah the ol' military crease lol.

  • #4

    MHampy (Monday, 17 June 2019 17:57)

    Wow it really does look like a half folded black t shirt.

  • #5

    Teri (Monday, 17 June 2019 17:58)

    I wonder if somewhere out there a little Papier-mâché person is missing their paper shirt. LOL!!!

  • #6

    GeorgieProf (Monday, 17 June 2019 18:00)

    "Street Phase." I laughed at that. We noticed there was a run of photographs looking at the ground and discussed it during our lunches.