Spring Flowers Become a Road Show


This photo was taken on March 28, 2020 at 2:28 PM.


The location was in a parking lot in Bethesda, MD.


The "Take It!" was an automatic as I had never seen a display of gardening put on display in this manner. Such bravado along with ingenuity in the mounting of a mini planter to a bicycle rack to share this show of Spring time.


I showed this to number of people all of whom marveled at such an act of sharing the wealth of the season.


I cannot help but think everyone who witnessed this road show was very impressed and delighted all at the same time.


Life is good.


Best wishes to everyone,



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Comments: 7
  • #1

    Jim (Tuesday, 26 April 2022 02:38)

    Well that's one way to claim you've gone green with your vehicle.

  • #2

    Sally (Tuesday, 26 April 2022 02:38)

    And now my kids want to plant a garden in our SUVs sunroof.

  • #3

    SF1967 (Tuesday, 26 April 2022 02:41)

    See now this is innovative, but I think there is a missed opportunity here. Plant some carrots back there and whenever someone wants a snack they can just quickly pop out and pull a carrot.

  • #4

    GeorgieProf (Tuesday, 26 April 2022 02:42)

    You'd think when they are travelling 60+ miles per hour down the highway that the wind would rip those to shreds.

  • #5

    Gabe (Tuesday, 26 April 2022 02:43)

    Itd be really cool if they planted them in the spare tire...flowers popping out of the rim lol.

  • #6

    GpaJake (Tuesday, 26 April 2022 02:45)

    Just need a bird feeder and you have a mobile front porch!

  • #7

    Teri (Tuesday, 26 April 2022 02:46)

    Oh what a wonderful idea! My students would love this.