Blossoms Under the Lights

This photo was taken on April 28, 2014 at 4:08 AM
The location was on the edge of a small mall in Gaithersburg, Maryland.
The "Take It!" came from seeing these trees under such bright illumination that the blossoms almost looked like they were basking in day time sun light.  Not so ! the clock told me - and the black upper border served as confirmation.   
The After Take: To the few that I have shown this to - they all agreed that it was a cool picture of blossoming trees of which we have oodles of at this time of year.  They could not discern what was so different about this shot.  When I told them it was that there was not the usual blue sky background - because the shot had been taken at night  - it was an " A hah " moment that was shared by me all over again.  
Every once in a while we are offered a picture of the usual in a different fashion.  With luck we can see what may be a subtle, or in this instance, a huge difference.
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    Mhampy (Monday, 12 May 2014 19:22)

    wow this is gorgeous. I wonder if there was some strategic light or tress placement to ensure these are a spectacle like this at night.

  • #2

    Treehugger (Monday, 12 May 2014 19:23)

    Its images like this that make me proud to wear this name! lol

  • #3

    Jeff (Monday, 12 May 2014 19:23)

    I wish we could grow these out my way. They looks so cool there is a pink one that looks pretty cool too.

  • #4

    Gabe (Monday, 12 May 2014 19:24)

    Nice shot!

  • #5

    Teri (Monday, 12 May 2014 19:27)

    You could almost put these trees on a pedestal. These are so beautiful. Are these in any way related to the cherry blossoms? By the way if anyone ever has the opportunity to catch the cherry blossom festival, I would highly recommend it!

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    Mike (Tuesday, 13 May 2014 12:35)

    It is a great shot. Very good timing. I imagine it actually looks better at night with the lights than during the day.

  • #7

    Jim (Tuesday, 13 May 2014 12:35)

    Epic! I want one of these trees!

  • #8

    Sally (Tuesday, 13 May 2014 12:36)

    I want to move now :-)

  • #9

    whutzzat (Wednesday, 14 May 2014 13:29)

    Thanks to everyone for your great comments. This one was such a lucky catch that I still do not quite believe we have it to enjoy. Treehugger - yes - yours is a name that warrants a lot of pride. There are certain days that I envy your having the name all for yourself. Teri: You could not be more correct in your recommendation to visit DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival. It is hard to believe that such a grand feeling could be had from leisurely walking among these blossoming trees It is the loosing of one's self in nature that makes the entire trip worth it. A memory for life. Best wishes to you all Bruce

  • #10

    Treehugger (Friday, 16 May 2014 12:25)

    If only, I actually adopted this moniker after seeing someone else using it on a gardening website I frequent.