From Top To Bottom


This set of photos was taken on June 5, 2019 at 7:14 AM.

The location was where restricted high rises of Washington DC meet the Georgetown Section of the city.

The "Take It!" came when I realized they were still pouring the concrete for additional floors and at the same time were putting up the what is the enclosing sealer for the lower floors all at the same time. 

The knowledge gained has enabled the above expediency in building which must save many dollars as well as eliminate lots of lost time due to exposure to the weather with what used to be open walls until later in the construction progress.  

Watching the concave sections of glass be lowered into place has been fun as the top crew drops the glass which is held onto the lowering cable with a set of suction cups temporarily attached to the glass.  When the glass has been anchored to both the top and bottom clamps - the suction cups are released and the crew moves to the next installation which is the width of the glass away.  

In the course of doing the part time job that I have that takes me to downtown Washington DC on a daily basis - I have had the opportunity to watch many structures be torn down and be replaced by newer larger ones that are many times more efficient to run and operate.

There is a unique ordinance in the city which calls for a height limit on buildings which has them be lower than monuments which are such an important part of the city.  As a result the city has a feel of being a lot less crowded than other cities which I have either lived in - or visited. Sunshine can actually reach the sidewalk from one side of the street or the other all day. Quite separately there is also a strong emphasis on the planting and maintainence of trees throughout the entire city which provides shade as well as additional cooling effects.

Best wishes to each of you as we celebrate our independence.


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    Jim (Tuesday, 13 August 2019 15:42)

    My first thought was "those look like giant suction cups." Turns out I was right...

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    Sally (Tuesday, 13 August 2019 15:43)

    It looks like he's tethered to a wire. I sure hope so, I wouldn't ever do a job like that!