A Great First


This photo was taken on August 17, 2022 at 8:23 AM.


The location was on the beltway surrounding Washington DC.


The "Take It!" came as I was on my way to work on my part time job. The traffic at this time of day is dense thus everyone is moving relatively slowly. This truck was not in my lane - but as chance would have it - I was able to merge in right behind it to get this clear photograph.


What makes it "Great" is the declaration of a Daughter being a part of the Named ownership of the company. This is the first time to my recollection I have ever seen this done. There have been many "Son or Sons" seen by me through the years - but again - this is a great first to see this declaration.


Here is to the hope that this will happen many more times as women rightfully take their places any where they want to go or be.


Wishing everyone my very best,



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Comments: 7
  • #1

    Sally (Tuesday, 30 August 2022 00:05)

    Love it!! We need to see more of this in the world!

  • #2

    Jim (Tuesday, 30 August 2022 00:05)

    Well if I ever start a small business I can do the same thing.

  • #3

    MHampy (Tuesday, 30 August 2022 00:07)

    I have never seen an '& Daughters' before either and now I can't get enough of it...

  • #4

    GpaJake (Tuesday, 30 August 2022 00:09)

    Their last name being Darling is perfect with the daughters attached.

  • #5

    xXRodriguezXx (Tuesday, 30 August 2022 00:12)

    Itd be even more fab and perfect if he had sons to and they werent interested but the daughters were.

  • #6

    Gabe (Tuesday, 30 August 2022 00:16)

    Almost looks like a bullet hole or somethin there in the back of the tank

  • #7

    Bruce Gamble (Tuesday, 30 August 2022 17:14)

    Thank you to everyone for your great responses. After reading all of them - it occurs to me I could start a business and call " PopPop and Grand Daughter " Do not think it would stop traffic - but certain it would gather some second glances. Life is good. Regards to everyone. Bruce