A Little Shadow Enhancement


This photo was taken on July 21, 2016 at 2:27 PM.


The location was in Alexandria, VA.


The "Take It!" came on a walk by of one of those small architectural touches that are sometimes used to break up the monotony of a stretch of wall. In this instance it involved some stone and brick work. I had walked by this "touch" many times before and never noticed it. (I think this may have been a part of the objective in its placement) This time the sun just happened to intervene and cast a bit of shadow for a nearly perfect split of the indentation.


The After Take: This photo was taken on a hot and humid day, and after I had circled the block twice in my air conditioned car, trying to find a place to park. Having found one that was quite a distance from the destination, I took off on the trudge. This catch of this little shadow showed me that even the small stuff, can be pleasing.


Here is hoping you too have something pleasantly present itself and lighten you up.


Wishing everyone some cool as we pass through some of these hot summer days.


All my best.



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