Trailer Tail


This set of photos was taken on September 7, 2015 at 1;03 PM.

The location was on Highway 95 just outside of the beltway that surrounds the Washington DC area.

The "Take it!" came from my sighting this apparatus that is attached to the rear end of a trailer on a large trailer truck combination.  I encountered information on this piece in one of my automotive magazines some time ago, which praised its ability to add a smoother passage through wind resistance - thus saving fuel. 
I have to laud the mind that came up with this design for it looks very simple and almost crude in comparison to all of the sleek stuff one sees applied to other automotive designs that are tested as being super slippery thus adding to their speed and stability.  

I have no idea of what the cost of this might be and when the payback happens - but if it does what is advertised - every truck in the world of this type should have it as soon as possible.

The After Take: It must be fun to be a sales person for this product and sell something that is easy to understand and has been proven to save money.

When you are next out on the road where there are big trucks speeding down the highway - look for this unglamorous add on.  You can smile cuz you now have some idea of what it is about.

Wishing you some fun as you drive.



PS:  The photos were taken at 67mph with one hand.  Thank goodness for the stabilizing sensors in my camera that allowed for the relatively clear pictures.

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    Sf1967 (Tuesday, 15 September 2015 14:04)

    I wish they had those during my short stint as a truck driver in the late 80s.

  • #2

    Jim (Tuesday, 15 September 2015 14:05)

    Thats a clever invention.

  • #3

    Sally (Tuesday, 15 September 2015 14:08)

    Who'da thought some wings at the end of a truck could save them so much in gas.

  • #4

    Teri (Tuesday, 15 September 2015 14:09)

    Learn something new every day! My husband owns a company and has a fleet of trucks, and I've never seen these. I will have to show him this, maybe we can save some money.

  • #5

    GeorgieProf (Tuesday, 15 September 2015 14:10)

    This provided for some fun lunch talk, thanks!

  • #6

    Gabe (Tuesday, 15 September 2015 14:14)

    I am impressed you were able to get such clear photos while moving along what looks to be a highway. Very cool!!!