Glam for Garbage

This photo was taken in mid June 2012 at about 8:30 am.


The location was in Tyson's Corner, Virginia at a smoking area outside the back entrance of an upscale building.


The "Take It!"  came to me after the former trash can had been replaced with this shapely beauty.  I do not ever recall having seen such a cool looking receptical for trash.  If the mirror surface on the metal does not draw you in then maybe the shape will.  The reflection showing off the wall,  the stones at the foot of the wall, and a bit of the walk way is to my eye, most attractive.   


The After Take: I can only surmise that someone who was really thinking determined that people who were going to be out there for as long as it takes to smoke a cigarette did not want to look at an unattractive garbage can.  It is this type of thinking that is as cool as the can itself.  It sort of makes me want to know if there were any other visible applications of this mind available. Once again the saying that includes "the thought behind it" that can bring joy to the viewer for which this comes to mind. This has become a reminder to allow myself to marvel at what to the originator might just be a matter of course. 


Thanks for joining us for the current photo presentation. You are cordially invited to return Tuesday, September 4th for a new picture that we hope you will enjoy.

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    Gabe (Tuesday, 04 September 2012 08:33)

    Beats a metal can, thats for sure!