Celestial Stamp

This set of photos was split between October 2011 in the mid day and February 2012 in the early evening.


The location for the outside photos was in Tyson's Corner,  Virginia, while the inside shot was in Bethesda Maryland


The "Take It!" of the outside shots was an easy one to make. After all, it was dealing with the usual with a most unusal prompt. The difficulty and I knew it was just going to take some time to be able to put it into words that made sense.


In pulling into the driveway in front of this building I immediately saw the reflection and had a fair idea of how it had been formulated. An easy step out of the car showed me this was true. I took several shots of the reflection on the building then turned to attempt to capture the reflection source. Both shots were almost as good as it can get. The first with the near square shape and the duplicate shape within the confines of the shape. The colors were in part what blew me away. The yellow/gold outer border matched up with the pink insert in the center, both with decent definition was remarkable. The shine of reflection in the window across the street with the colors being visible in the flash made for this to be quite erie for me.  Quite frankly it has taken me all this time to sort of as they say "get over it" enough to take the third shot and share this.


Ok, here goes. The colors of the reflection and the shape of it match the colors and general shape of the blanket that I use on my bed when it gets cold enough to need just that bit of extra warmth. When it warms up, the blanket comes off the bed and is put into storage. At the time I took the inital shots, I had recently put the blanket onto the bed to serve its purpose. So, seeing this supernatural double was quite a surprise. Part of the bigness of the surprise was in the color combination. Quite frankly I have no remembrance of how I acquired the blanket or it came to be in my house. All I know is that I found it when rooting around looking for more warmth. The colors are not my real choice but then, this thing really works and I am not putting on any decorating demonstrations in my bedroom anyway. Yes, I make my bed every day and keep the place in an orderly fashion. 


I finally had the weirdness of the coincidence calm down enough for me to take the photo of my bed with the subject blanket to be able to share it with you. If I was ever tempted to replace this odd color combined blanket with some other Fancy Schmancy name or design, it can now never happen for the story attached to it is as warm as the blanket itself.  


Here is hoping you have warmth in your life where and when you want it. Most important is the joy and comfort that it brings you. Thanks for taking the time to share in this time delayed strange but happy story. 


Best wishes, 


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  • #1

    Gabe (Friday, 09 March 2012 09:57)

    Ooooooo I like the slide show format! More than 1 picture in a days post.

  • #2

    Jeff (Friday, 09 March 2012 09:58)

    Ya thats really cool, I agree.

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    Ray (Friday, 09 March 2012 10:01)

    I too enjoy spotting where the occasional reflection is coming from.