A Pun on the Move


This photo was taken on January 12, 2022 at 12:08 PM.


The location was in Chevy Chase, Maryland.


The "Take It!" The photo was taken as I was in the commute part of my day and traveling in my car on a six lane road in the lunch time traffic.


The sequence of events had me pass this work van and out of the corner of my eye - see there was something amiss with the spelling of one of the words on the outside of the truck. After catching up to it and comprehending the clever pun - it took me about three blocks to be able to position myself to be able to get this photo on the run in the heavy traffic.


Hope you were able to get a laugh out of it - as did I.


All my very best,



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Comments: 7
  • #1

    Gabe (Sunday, 20 March 2022 23:36)

    Rofl thats a good one!

  • #2

    Jim (Sunday, 20 March 2022 23:37)

    There's a marketing department that earned its pay. I love a good pun.

  • #3

    Sally (Sunday, 20 March 2022 23:37)

    Our youngest did not understand why we were laughing at this.

  • #4

    SF1967 (Sunday, 20 March 2022 23:38)

    I bet they get compliments all the time, brilliant!

  • #5

    Teri (Sunday, 20 March 2022 23:39)

    Oh, this just made my day!!!

  • #6

    GpaJake (Sunday, 20 March 2022 23:40)

    Now there is a good dad joke to stash away for a rainy day. I think I would have stopped to grab a photograph of this as well haha.

  • #7

    Bruce Gamble (Monday, 28 March 2022 12:03)

    Glad to have found we share a value for a well placed twist on a word. Especially when it brings a smile.
    All my best to everyone. Bruce