Sidewalk Stars


This photograph was taken on December 8, 2021 at 12:24 PM.


The location was in the Georgetown District of Washington DC.


The "Take It!" came as I stepped out of my car in front of one of my usual stops. I happened to use a brick walkway as the access which was lined with Maple trees which were just shedding their leaves for the winter. I had been watching the leaves on these trees for some time as they were some of the last to drop. What made these leaves different was their uniform sort of yellow/gold color and that they had not turned to a brown before dropping. This color combined with the way the leaves did not curl and had maintained their on the tree sort of flat surface made  them a stand out on the dark red bricks.  


The shape of the leaves struck me as being rather star like and resembling a group of miniature stars that had fallen.  


I showed this photo along with several others to one of my informal review panel members who said he liked this particular shot as it almost looked like a small constellation. Thus this selection was made.


One more example of how the stars can sometimes be, beneath our feet.


All my very best,



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    Sally (Monday, 17 January 2022 15:07)

    You should run a constellation contest. Like see who can come up with the best animal or object that uses all the leaves in the photo.

  • #2

    Jim (Monday, 17 January 2022 15:11)

    My wife and daughter sat here doing a glorified connect the dots with this photo and they decided that this is a constellation of a turkey lol.

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    MHampy (Monday, 17 January 2022 15:12)

    What a cute catch, they do look like stars.

  • #4

    Teri (Monday, 17 January 2022 15:17)

    This was a fun read.

  • #5

    SF1967 (Monday, 17 January 2022 15:26)

    The contrast really is sharp between the leaves and the bricks.

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    Bruce Gamble (Monday, 17 January 2022 18:11)

    Thank you to everyone for your comments. Jim - I am grateful your Wife and Daughter took the time to find a shape in the random formation. To learn they actually found one - is a tribute to their imagination. To MHampy, Teri, and SF1967 thank you for your views and observations.

    Wishing each of you my best Bruce