Taylor's Fanduel Style Fantasy League

The structure this year will combine traditional fantasy football with fanduel style. Each week you will draft a new line up based on the fanduel values and structure.
Each week you will face off against one of the other players in the league. The player with the most points in each matchup will earn a victory for the week, while the loser gets a loss. Who you play any given week will be based on a round robin style system ensuring everyone plays each other. After 16 weeks, playoffs will begin. The 6 players with the best records will go on to the playoffs. If there is a tie in records, the tie breaker will be based on win/loss percentage of the matches between only the tied players. If the players are still tied the tie will be broken by counting the total number of points scored throughout the entire season. If more than 2 players are tied together, it will go directly to points. The player that accumulates the most points will break the tie and move on to the playoffs. Week 17 will be the quarter finals 3rd vs 6th playing and 4th vs 5th playing. 1st and 2nd place will have a bye week. Wildcard Week will be the semi finals where the winners of the quarter finals will play vs 1st and 2nd.  Divisional Playoff Week will be the Super Bowl where the two winning players of the semi finals compete for the 1st prize. The losers from the semi finals will play for 3rd.
With 10 players first place will take home $700, 2nd takes home $200 and 3rd takes home $100.
There are a few quick rules I want to go over:
1. No sharing line ups before the games start on Sunday.
2. Each week I will send you your invite to the match up. You will see a match up for 3 players. I am putting myself in each match up so I can keep track of Win/loss, points, and making sure both players join. My score will only matter against the person I am actually matched against for the week.
3. If you fail to set a line up by 10am pacific1pm eastern. You will forfeit the week and take a loss.
Each week I will post current records and standings on this part of the site. The current week will be posted on this page, while information for previous and future weeks can be found off to the right.
This website technically does not belong to me so please do not post in other portions of the site.


Hey everyone! The season is upon us. I will be posting your match ups tomorrow on www.whutzzat.com/tff. 


I am happy to help any of you that are new and need help however please do it and contact me before Sunday. If you call me Sunday morning 10 minutes before the games start with no clue how to set your lineup you may be screwed, and potentially take a loss. So please hit the website and set it before Sunday, then double check Sunday morning. I cannot guarantee you that I can set aside time to help you Sunday morning before the games start so as an official notice: If you need help, or have questions or problems let me know by Saturday Night (if there is a Saturday game, do it by Friday). You can always go back and change your lineup before the games start. 


Last year we had an issue where someone did not save their lineup when they finished, as a result come game time they didn't have a lineup set. While this is NOT mandatory, and may not be necessary for some, I would HIGHLY recommend texting me after you set your lineup and I will confirm it is set. If you choose not to do this and forget to save your lineup you will take a loss.?? Week 1 I will be a bit more lenient on these rules for you new people but after that, the above is in effect.


We made it to 10 people this year so I'm thinking we will do a 3rd place prize.


If you haven't paid me, and we haven't spoken, you have just over 24 hours to pay. I need it before the Thursday game starts. We are past the point of no return so since you all have verbally committed to the league, please follow through. I cannot find a replacement in the next 24 hours.


Remember this group text should only be used for texts relevant to the league, send your memes to people individually.


Last year was a blast guys, let's make it happen again. Good luck this season everyone and like I said if you need to contact me for help or anything else, don't hesitate to ask and do it before Sunday. You can call, text or email me. Reefguy88@gmail.com