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I posted the lineups a day early this week since the games start a day earlier.



1. Gabe vs 2. Dusty click here.



Consolation Bracket for LOSERS

3. Taylor vs 4. Ray Cruz click here.



5. Joe vs 7. Ray Clark click here.



6. Samir  vs 8. Nick click here.



Week 17

Name Score   Name Sccore
Ray Clark 103.12  vs. Taylor   117.76
Ray Cruz  101.74 vs Samir 103.98
Nick  95.16  vs. Gabe 151.78
Dusty  97.56 vs Joe  127.46

Best Lineup of the Week (17)


Worst Lineup of the Week (17)


Facepalm Move of the Week (17)


 Gotta give it to myself this week. Most of you saw my score as 143.76, when it was actually 117.76. I did that last minute tinkering again and replaced Houstons Defense with the Rams. Now ultimately it didn't make much of a difference, I still won. However, I won by less than a point. Had I run with my initial setup I wouldn't have been sweating nearly as much.

What I ended up doing was picking a defense that was $200 cheaper so I could afford a kicker that was $200 more. Go figure the cheaper kicker scored more, and the more expensive defense scored WAY more.

Head to Head Tiebreaker (1st)

Name Wins(Weeks) Name Wins(Weeks) Winner
 Gabe  2(6,13)  Dusty 0 Gabe
Taylor 2(6,13) Samir Taylor
Ray Cruz  1(6) Joe  1(13) Tie
Ray Cruz 3(2,9,15) Ray Clark  0 Ray Cruz
Ray Cruz 2(1,15) Taylor 1(8) Ray Cruz
Ray Cruz 1(3) Samir 2(10,17) Samir
Ray Clark  1(12) Joe 1(5)  Tie
Ray Clark  0 Samir 2(4,11) Samir
Ray Clark  2(3,10) Taylor Ray Clark
Gabe 2(5,12) Ray Cruz 0 Gabe
Joe 1(2) Samir 2(9,16) Samir
Joe 1(14) Taylor 1(7) Tie
Gabe (4,11) Joe 0 Gabe
Gabe 1(2) Taylor 2(9,16) Taylor
Gabe 1(8) Samir 2(1,15) Samir

So at the end of the season we have a four way tie at 9-8. As stated in the rules we break the tie based on win/loss percentage among all of the tied teams and only the tied teams, four in this case. So based on the above information we can gather that within the tied players our win/loss record/percentage is as follows:

1. Taylor: 4-3 
2. Ray: 4-4

3. Samir: 4-4
4. Joe: 3-4

Ray finishes second place because, with he and Samir having a tied win/loss percentage among the tied players, it goes to points. Ray beats Samir in points.


Season Total Points (2nd Tiebreaker)

Dusty  2158.76
Joe  2045.6
Gabe 2034.7
Ray Cruz  1984.5
Ray Clark 1962.24
Taylor 1889.58
Nick  1753.1
Samir  1683.74

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Comments: 16
  • #1

    Ray Cruz (Tuesday, 15 September 2015 14:58)

    "My lineup is amazing!"
    Worst lineup of the week. Lol

  • #2

    Taylor (Tuesday, 15 September 2015 15:29)

    It happens literally every time I say that.

  • #3

    Ray Clark (Tuesday, 15 September 2015 20:21)

    Standings tiebreakers mandate that Nick and Ray Cruz change places, as well as Joe and Gabe. I wouldn't want to be Ray Cruz next week for The Revenge of the Facepalmer.

  • #4

    Ray Clark (Wednesday, 16 September 2015 09:57)

    Another facepalm moment was at the end. I thought that interceptions were minus two points for the quarterback. Since Dusty had Bradford, I thought I'd won when he was intercepted with seconds left. After a brief but intense celebration I remembered that it was two points for the defense, but only minus one for the QB. Oy!

  • #5

    Taylor (Tuesday, 22 September 2015 18:20)

    At least I'm winning in the 'League of Legends', right Dusty!?

  • #6

    Ray Clark (Tuesday, 22 September 2015 18:21)

    The first two weeks I've been pitted against the guy with the best score of the week. What's with that?

  • #7

    Ray Cruz (Saturday, 26 September 2015 22:54)

    Really wish i did my lineup before i started drinking my brandy.

  • #8

    Ray Clark (Wednesday, 30 September 2015 16:07)

    1-2, but #1 in total points. There's my facepalm. Remember: if the tie is more than 2-way, it goes straight to points.

  • #9

    Joeq (Thursday, 15 October 2015 15:51)

    Dude two weeks out of three I have put up some serious points...maybe I should start entering real fanduel money leagues

  • #10

    Ray Clark (Friday, 23 October 2015 11:50)

    Nick also provided the bottom-feeding Clarks with half of their victories. Last week he was less than 10 points behind me with two players left. I figured I was toast...then he got ONE point from those two players. Thanks for saving me from a second consecutive week at the bottom of the pool, Nick!

  • #11

    Ray Clark (Thursday, 05 November 2015 18:04)

    Ray Bowl II!! Bring it on, Cruz!

  • #12

    Ray cruz (Monday, 09 November 2015 23:05)

    Well played Ray!

  • #13

    Ray Clark (Tuesday, 10 November 2015 11:23)

    I sputtered there at the end, but admit it, Ray, I made you sweat right up to the point where Floyd went down!

  • #14

    Ray Cruz (Friday, 20 November 2015 19:36)

    Stupid Packers

  • #15

    Dusty (Saturday, 28 November 2015 10:20)

    It's the battle for first place this week Samir !

  • #16

    Ray Cruz (Saturday, 02 January 2016 13:05)

    Hey Samir do me a favor and pass this week

Taylor's Fanduel Style Fantasy League

The structure this year will combine traditional fantasy football with fanduel style. Each week you will draft a new line up based on the fanduel values and structure.
Each week you will face off against one of the other players in the league. The player with the most points in each matchup will earn a victory for the week, while the loser gets a loss. Who you play any given week will be based on a round robin style system ensuring everyone plays each other. After 17 weeks, playoffs will begin. The 4 players with the best records will go on to the playoffs. If there is a tie in records, the tie breaker will be based on win/loss percentage of the matches between the tied players. If the players are still tied the tie will be broken by counting the total number of points scored throughout the entire season. The player that accumulates the most points will break the tie and move on to the playoffs. Wildcard Week will be the semi finals with 1st and 4th place playing, and 2nd and 3rd playing. Divisional Playoff Week will be the super bowl where the two winning players of the semi finals compete for the 1st prize.
With 8 players first place will take home $600, while 2nd takes home $200.
There are a few quick rules I want to go over:
1. No sharing line ups before the games start on Sunday.
2. Each week I will send you your invite to the match up. You will see a match up for 3 players. I am putting myself in each match up so I can keep track of Win/loss, points, and making sure both players join. My score will only matter against the person I am actually matched against for the week.
3. If you fail to set a line up by 10am pacific1pm eastern. You will forfeit the week and take a loss.
Each week I will post current records and standings on this part of the site. The current week will be posted on this page, while information for previous and future weeks can be found off to the right.
This website technically does not belong to me so please do not post in other portions of the site.