Week 15

Name Score   Name Sccore
Joe 176.36  vs. Nick 107.60
Taylor 121.18 vs Ray Cruz  122.16
Gabe 173.06  vs. Samir 174.46
Ray Clark 175.00 vs Dusty  183.36

Best Lineup of the Week (15)


Worst Lineup of the Week (15)


Facepalm Move of the Week (15)

Samir/Taylor/Ray Clark

Oh man this week made me so mad....and I'm guessing Samir felt the same way.


I was beating Ray by 2 points going into the final few seconds of the game. Then it happened, the LAST play of the game. I was sure I had the win until I heard the announcer say, "Ok it looks like the lateral play will start with Hightower(Rays Player)." Of course, Hightower does just enough to give Ray the win.


I added Samir because he was stomping on Gabe, and somehow lost. I mean Samir was winning like 173 to 109. Ray Clark was beating Dusty by a large margin as well.... Then David Johnson happened. He scored the most points I have ever seen a running back score.


Two weeks left guys, most of us have a chance still. Good luck!!