Week 14

Name Score   Name Sccore
Samir 73.86  vs. Nick 96.78
Dusty  79.76 vs Ray Cruz  130.50
Gabe 108.30  vs. Ray Clark 113.30
Taylor 77.62 vs Joe 101.68

Best Lineup of the Week (14)

Ray Cruz

Worst Lineup of the Week (14)


Facepalm Move of the Week (14)


Yay!!!! Samir set a lineup....This league is complete again! Awwww, Samir had the lowest score still. At least it wasn't 0 points.

The real Facepalm has to be the situation Dusty found himself in. Stars goes down and out in the first quarter, which is a huge bummer. 15 minutes later he loses Andy Dalton.... Just terrible luck! Sorry Dusty.