Week 5

Name Score
Name Sccore
 Ray Clark 98.02
 vs. Joe
117.74 vs Dusty 104.20
 vs. Ray Cruz
vs Taylor

Facepalm Move of the Week (5)

Nick....Because it has to be!

Ok, I swear I'm not picking on you Nick. Using you as the Facepalm Move of the Week allows me to use it as a PSA.

So guys this week we had our first and only missed lineup forgiveness. Nick had a mishap of some sort and didn't get his lineup saved. He was playing me, and I could not let my first win come from a disqualification. So we, sort of, took a vote and let him set an afternoon/night game lineup.

I must stress to you guys that this was a one time thing. In the future if you do not set a lineup it will be an automatic loss, more importantly you will receive 0 points towards the tie breakers. At this point, its looking like those tie breakers are going to be a very important aspect on determining playoff slots.

That said, there are some things you can do to prevent this from happening in the future.

1. Set your lineup a day or two before Sunday. You can always go back and change it.

2. Double check that your line up was saved.

3. Text or call me after saving your lineup, I will check right there on the spot.

It is worth noting I often sleep in Sunday morning due to VERY long Saturdays, so if you need to get in touch with me on Sunday, call multiple times. Texting on Sunday morning for help with your lineup is a BAD IDEA.