Wake Up Call

Nov. 2011
Nov. 2011

This photo was taken as dawn was forming in Feb 2011. 


 The location was in Washington DC on the Pensylvania Street side of Pershing Square facing the Capitol. 


The "Take it!" was how vivid the colors were with the horizontal clouds serving almost like color bars.  I had just taken some photos of the Washington Monument so my mind was in photo mode, but even then I was surprised with this vivid spectical which was about a 50 degree turn from my former stance.  I took a number of shots, but this was the first.  As the sun came up, it seemed to wash out the depth of the contrast and the color found in this one. 


The After Take: This one seems to have a way of hitting me each time I look at it with some type of impact.  I will give you my takes in a random fashion, quite honestly I could not make up such an order.   All the lights are out  in not only the capital, but all the adjacent buildings.  I later found out that the Capitol Dome is not lit up when the bodies are not in session.  As for the other buildings, it was just a little too early for them to have gotten started.   The other rather amazing effect is that of the surrounding buildings offering an almost bowl like bottom to the framing of the Capitol; a sort of curve below one of the worlds most pictured curved domes.


I have been honored by some taking this shot and enlarging it with full framing done to place on the wall in their offices.  Should you choose to use it in this way please be my guest; let me know if you do. 

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    Suzi (Thursday, 17 November 2011 19:48)

    I think the one light barely shining out from the Capitol and the surrounding shadows of religious buildings with the crosses on either side gives it all a gothic look that grabs you.

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    Trumpd (Thursday, 01 December 2011 21:41)

    Great Silhouette!

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    June Krupsaw (Friday, 09 December 2011 11:13)

    Like life, half the achievement is just being there. And being there at the right time, well, that's the ticket for admittance to the special shot club. As for having a surprise turn of mind, in a great place, it pays to turn one's body 360 degrees, just in case. Well done on all counts.

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    Gabe (Thursday, 22 December 2011 03:09)

    Wow, How did I miss this picture? Always nice to stumble on a photo you thought you had already looked at and realize you haven't seen it yet.