Playoff Round One Results

1. Samir (doooookiepants) Bye 


2. Toby (tbeatty54) Bye 


3. Gabe (gbmejia95) 111.62 vs. 6. Joe (jtaran001) 111.42


4. Taylor (reefguy) 124.74 vs. 5. Jerry (deeznuttz247) 91.46


Consolation Bracket Round One Results

7. Lavern (lavernslusher) Bye


8. Trevor (footytrev) Bye


9. Carlos (ephtup1) 94.28 vs. 12. Ray (soleray) 101.3


10. Cole (coltonwilliams) 76.6 vs. 11. Dave (dapro44) 96.68

Playoff Round One Crown

Playoff Round One Dunce Cap

Probably not fair to give it to the lowest person that still actually set a lineup despite not being in the playoffs, so call it the lowest "set" lineup. The Dunce Cap goes to those of you noobs that didn't set a lineup.