2018 Division Winner Side Pool

We are doing a $10 side pool this year. Its a quick and easy one time buy in that will last through the Super Bowl. Everyone will pick one team per division that you think will win their division and rank them 1, most likely to win the Super Bowl, to 8, least likely to win the Super Bowl, so 8 teams total. You will then earn points based on how well each team does through the Super Bowl.


The points are as follows:


2 points if your team wins their division. 1 point if they don’t but still make the playoffs.


4 points for each team that wins during wild card week. Teams with a bye get these points as well.


8 points for each team that wins during the divisional round.


16 points for each team that wins during the conference championships.


If anyone is tied going into the Super Bowl I will ask the tied players to pick a point spread before the game starts (how many points the winning team wins by). i.e. a score of 24-17 would have a 7 point difference. The first and second tie breaker will use the ranked list. Whoever has the winning team ranked higher on their list will win. If any tied players have the winning team ranked the same, we will do the same thing for the losing team. If the remaining tied players have the losing team ranked the same we will then use the point spread I mentioned above. If it is somehow still a tie the pot will be split among the tied players.  

2018 Picks


  Cole Dave Dusty Gabe Jerry Joe
1.  Eagles  Texans  Patriots  Eagles  Vikings  Saints
2.  Rams  Rams  Saints  Vikings  Eagles  Vikings
3.  Patriots  Patriots  Vikings  Rams  Jaguars  Patriots
4.  Steelers  Saints  Steelers  Patriots  Patriots  Rams
5.  Saints  Giants  Eagles  Saints  Rams  Chiefs
6.  Vikings  Ravens  Rams  Jaguars  Falcons  Eagles
7.  Jaguars  Broncos  Chiefs  Steelers  Bengals  Texans
8.   Chargers  Bears  Texans  Chargers  Chargers  Steelers


  Kyle Lavern Ray Samir Taylor Toby
1.  Rams  Patriots Ravens Packers  Vikings Vikings
2.  Patriots  Eagles Patriots Patriots  Rams Rams
3.  Eagles  Chargers Giants Rams  Patriots Jaguars
4.  Packers  Rams Jaguars Jaguars  Saints Patriots
5.  Saints  Saints Buccaneers Eagles  Texans Chargers
6.  Chiefs  Vikings Raiders Steelers  Eagles Saints
7.  Browns  Ravens Lions Saints  Steelers Eagles
8.   Titans  Jaguars Rams Chiefs Chargers  Steelers