On Hold


This photo was taken on September 17th at 7:17 AM.

The location was in the City Center District of Washington DC.

The "Take It!" came to me as I was about to get back into my car and happened to look at the bicycle hitching device (somehow cannot call it a rack) and saw this hard copy of a lone loop lock on the top cross piece of the fixture.  It had the look of having been placed there by a regular user. This is not the first time I have seen a left behind lock on a rack ( either by intent of as an act of forgetfulness ) but what made this different - was the others, seemed to all have been placed or dropped to ground level.

We can even speculate that the owner may play a game with its placement - to see if it will still be where it was put, when the next visit is made.* 

Perhaps the saddest scenario one can sometimes see - is this type of lock still in its locked position on the rack - holding an entire front wheel - and the rest of the bike is gone (for this one - even though it may be silent - I can still hear the echo's of curses at the loss)!

I may have to take up Thai Chi to entertain myself between stops - lol.

Wishing everyone a great day.

Best regards,


*I will probably take up this game for myself - lol.

There will be extra points for me - if I ever see the owner of the lock doing a securing or releasing of their bike.  


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Comments: 6
  • #1

    Jim (Wednesday, 16 October 2019 00:07)

    I wondered where my bike lock went...

  • #2

    Sally (Wednesday, 16 October 2019 00:08)

    Glad to see this photo. I wondered why there wasnt a new one. I hope Taylor is doing well.

  • #3

    SF1967 (Wednesday, 16 October 2019 00:09)

    Someone's having a bad day. Either their bicycle was stolen, or they forgot their lock.

  • #4

    Gabe (Wednesday, 16 October 2019 00:10)

    Its like a giant version of those metal puzzles where you have to pull the loop out of the other loop.

  • #5

    Teri (Wednesday, 23 October 2019 17:37)

    At least it hasn’t been cut. I always feel so bad when I see a broken bike lock on a bike rack, knowing someone had a bike stolen. Unfortunately, I see it all the time here in Florida, at least once a week.

  • #6

    MHampy (Wednesday, 23 October 2019 17:38)

    This one gave me a flashback, I’ve had a bicycle stolen before.