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Dec. 2011
Dec. 2011

This photo was taken in mid November 2011 


The location was Franklin Square in Washington DC. 


The "Take it!" was the combination of the cot being outside in the rain, not in one of the shelter tents. It had an almost distainful look of there being no room for even elementary comfort in the atmosphere of the protest movement currently under way here in Washington DC. The spray painted piece tacked onto the tree behind it gave it a 'being watched' sort of appearance. Maybe an evil eye, or a spirit to ward off any theft. 


The After Take: I had never seen a cot with this type of design on it. Under more normal circumstances I would give it a very cool rating.  A sort of unexpected tribute and facilitating of the civility attached to the game of chess and the opposing circular graphics that I think have a game attached to them. I think of these as being spheres of influence. Most peple I have shown the image seem to share my view of it, and do not have a lot to say. I think many are like me in that we would like for the protest to be over, but want more in the way of constructive action to happen as a result. I think many are frustrated with the protest as would like a face to put with it, but understand the power of not having one. Without getting political, America needs to fix a lot of things and it seems there is no easy way to do it.


I believe we need to be especially good to one another at this difficult time. I am finding that the extension of even the simplest of friendly gestures to strangers brings pleasant results to them and certainly myself. At the end of the day an exchanged set of respectful greetings can bring about a feeling of almost having found money on the street; the heads up lucky penny concept, only with many winners instead of just one. 

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    Jimmy (Saturday, 03 December 2011 12:14)

    Not to take away from the seriousness of why its there, but that cot is just hilarious.....and genius at the same time.

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    Gabe (Saturday, 24 November 2012 06:58)

    I want that bed!

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    Teri (Saturday, 24 November 2012 07:01)

    I saw that at Walmart the other day, they sell those cots for like $30. They would be great for a family camping trip.