Power Grid Art



This set of photos was taken on November 5, 2016 at 1:51 PM.


The location was in Pentagon City, Virginia.


The "Take it!" was almost a slam on the brakes kind of reaction to a totally unexpected projection of a shadow image upon a canvas made of concrete.  


This is a utility power transmission station of quite some size that is situated in a neighborhood that has many high rises in it as well as supporting commerce and lots of retail shops.  It has been well enough designed that it is truly a pass by point in the area.  


What grabbed my attention was how well the shadow was cast.  It seemed to almost be an intentional complement to the overhead ornamental iron grid placed over the facility, probably to soften the industrial cause for it being there.  After all, who wants a block of transformers as a neighbor.  


The After Take: I showed this to a number of people, both those who were in jobs near the facility as well as those who were far away.  All said they thought it was beautiful.  Quite a complement for a power station.  Those who worked near the facility immediately recognized it, but most could not quite place exactly where it was. I think this is a testimony to the effectiveness of great design achieving its purpose.


There are times when in the course of all of this, that even though I know it is imagined, It is as if, I hear a voice that calls for me to look at something. I have learned to clear the noise and listen when ever possible to this voice. This was one of those times. I am always humbled and grateful for this gift. I think part of the unsaid agreement for the gift, is that I share it.


Thank you for your part in making all of this possible.


All my best,



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    Ray (Thursday, 22 December 2016 13:46)

    Otherworldly art. Nice, Bruce!