Black and Chrome - Ready to Roam


These photos were taken on July 18, 2017 at 6:08 AM.

The location was in the Dupont Circle area of Washington DC.

The "Take It!" came from walking out of a very nice moderately priced hotel and seeing this motorcycle parked in front of the building at the curb.  

What caught my eye was not only the low profile of the machine - but also - the number of exhaust outlets in the manifold coming from one side - (there were three - which meant that there were an equal number on the opposite side). This is a lot of cylinders for a two wheeled motorcycle which means that it must be incredibly fast.

While I was a big fan of motorcycles as a youth - I went to four wheels at the insistence of my then spouse after getting married and having a child on the way. I never regretted the giving up of motorcycles as a rider - but every once in a while - a well built machine will capture my attention. This was just such an example. 

The precision used in the making of this beauty was readily available to the viewer. That it did not look like a long haul ride, was also visible as it had minimal seating. 

The After Take: This one was of more of the same.  I am still glad to not be a rider of motorcycles, even though they are without question a great thrill. The lack of safety from the possibility of being tangled up with another driver who might be having a thoughtless moment - was just too great for me. So, when one or a bunch of them go blasting by me while I am at speed on the freeway - I think to myself - May whatever it is that protects those who are risk takers - keep on doing what is needed to keep these riders from harm.

In closing - I could not help but share the visual of this gem of a bike. 

Please be safe.


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  • #1

    Jim (Friday, 13 October 2017 20:09)

    Now that is a nice bike. I love motorcycles. My wife hates mine, but there's few things better than going out for a back road ride on a sunny weekend morning.

  • #2

    Sally (Friday, 13 October 2017 20:10)

    I can appreciate the design of Harleys and stuff, but I too fear for the lives of anyone that hops on one of them.

  • #3

    SF1967 (Friday, 13 October 2017 20:11)

    I'm in the Harley club for our town. Love em!

  • #4

    MHampy (Friday, 13 October 2017 20:13)

    My husband and I used to ride, I really miss those days. He could probably tell you what kind of Honda bike that is.

  • #5

    Gabe (Friday, 13 October 2017 20:14)

    Great pics! I've always wanted one but I'm just way too afraid to get behind the wheel, so to speak.