Quadruple Play


This photo was taken on November 8, 2016 at 10:38 AM.


The location was in a temporary parking area adjacent to the entrance of a very nice hotel in Washington DC near the Washington Mall.


The "Take It!" was one of those responses to an almost accidental side glance at this parked car and because it was clean and shiny, the reflections showed up very clearly. I had seen reflections of this sort in this location before, but never had spotted the original tree, with an almost cascade effect with the first being in the roof of the car, then the windshield, followed by the hood. A grand total of four, counting the original tree on its own.


Although I am a great fan of almost all things automotive, this was quite separate from that, a winner on its own.


The After Take: All thought it was a very cool catch.


Here is hoping this one makes its way into your box of "Eye Candy" as well.


Wishing you a great day and all sorts of things to reflect upon,



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Comments: 6
  • #1

    Ray (Monday, 21 November 2016 16:45)

    Love the distortion of the upper reflection, straightened out in the lower. Great job, Bruce!

  • #2

    Gabe (Thursday, 24 November 2016 21:31)

    Awesome car!!!

  • #3

    Treehugger (Thursday, 24 November 2016 21:32)

    I've started to notice things like this since I began frequenting your site.

  • #4

    Teri (Thursday, 24 November 2016 21:34)

    The tree and its branches would make for a really cool paint job.

  • #5

    MHampy (Thursday, 24 November 2016 21:35)

    Is that a person behind the bushes? Statue maybe? I can't make it out but it looks like someone is standing back there.

  • #6

    Livin4love (Thursday, 24 November 2016 21:36)

    Hello, its been a few weeks, Ive been out of town. Always glad to come back and catch up on all the cool pics Ive missed.