Straw Sleeve Strutter's Step


This photo was taken on November 19, 2019 at 10:42 AM.
The location was in the street in North West Washington DC.
The "Take It!"  Came after having made a pass by this ever so cool twisting of a paper straw wrapper laying in the street.  I came back after visiting the site and concluded it was just too well done to not pass along for the randomness it represents.  I am continuously searching for paper images - and sometimes get caught up in the seeking of too much detail ( call it perfection if you will ) and reject some pieces that are very special even though they may lack a certain part to be totally complete.   Here is where I go to the unstated guideline when cloud watching - that one grabs only parts of a cloud that represent a recognizable shape - and disregard the rest of the cloud with everyone understanding this is almost a  "rule" rule of the game
In this image - there is not a head to the figure - but I like it anyway.  
Sometimes - if I am lucky - a piece of paper can be in the street for several days - and with this time - certain shaping influences can happen to it and bring about clarity or even new features that only a car tire tread or a shoe sole bottom design can bring.
Here is hoping you too might catch a fleeting figure as you are walking.
All this seems to add into the spending of a day which many times seems like a grand game.
Hoping everyone had a fine time of this Thanksgiving weekend.

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