Pet Pig gets Outside Time


This photo was taken on August 18, 2021 at 9:23 AM.


The location was in the Navy Yards section of Washington DC.


The "Take It!"  Was one of quick contemplation as think having a pig as a pet is not what I would ever do.  Setting that aside - I could not help but notice how much care the owner had put into the cart for the animal.  Four sturdy wheels along with an overhead shade just incase the sun got to hot for its fair skin.


There were those who were curious enough to get next to it and actually pet it. 


I have heard pigs make very good pets and are quite intelligent.


To each their own - lol.


All my best,



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Comments: 7
  • #1

    SF1967 (Sunday, 24 October 2021 02:33)

    I heard pigs can be great pets too, but that thing is massive. Imagine how often it knocks things off the table.

  • #2

    Jim (Sunday, 24 October 2021 02:34)

    Did you ask if it was named Dinner? Lol

  • #3

    Sally (Sunday, 24 October 2021 02:35)

    Our youngest wants a pet pig now. That’s one of those over my dead body situations.

  • #4

    GpaJake (Sunday, 24 October 2021 02:36)

    My daughter had a mini pig when she was a child. We had to donate it to a farm because it got close to this size. There was nothing mini about it once it was full grown.

  • #5

    MHampy (Sunday, 24 October 2021 02:37)

    I was sitting here thinking, well at least they don’t bark. But that snorting and squealing would actually probably be worse.

  • #6

    xXRodriguezXx (Sunday, 24 October 2021 02:38)

    Babe: Pig in the City LOL!

  • #7

    Gabe (Sunday, 24 October 2021 02:40)

    The wheels on that thing would have to be sturdy, haha.